Using the Student Reader

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Enabling the Student Reader at your institution

To allow your students to access their readings via the Student Reader, you will need to confirm with CLA that you wish to have the student reader enabled in your instance of the DCS. Otherwise students will continue to access content as is (downloading directly into a PDF). Once confirmed the reader is available via a click. Please contact us to let us know that you want this switched on.


Making sure cookies are not blocked

If you cannot access the scan and just have the Kortext waiting message or a blank screen, please ensure that your Cookies are not being blocked. If this does not resolve the issue, please contact us at



Once logged in you will be able to see that the Copyright Notice is still present in the scan. It is possible to navigate the extract by either using the bars which appear either side of the extract, if you hover over it with the mouse, or by the arrow icons in the top right hand corner. You can also go to a specific page by typing a page number into the white box next to the navigational arrows. 

It is also possible to fit the page by height, by clicking the vertical arrow icon, this is also the initial setting. You can also fit the page by width by pressing the horizontal arrows. These arrows can be found next to the page navigators in the top right hand corner. 

You can also zoom in closer to the extract by clicking the '+' icon and zoom out by clicking the '-' icon. By pressing the four arrows, you will make the extract full screen, press the escape key to exit this mode. 

At the bottom of the page on the right it is possible to change the language between English and Welsh for our Welsh students to have all the instructions in Welsh. 

It is possible to print out the PDF, as well as which page numbers or else ‘Print All Pages’ and then print this, which will open your browser print options.

It is also possible to download to PDF on the next icon above, for students to download. 

The next few aspects of the reader require that the extract be OCR’d, so please bear this in mind if students state that they cannot highlight or search.

The next piece of functionality available in the student reader is a search function, shaped like a magnifying glass and located on the left hand side of the screen. Once clicked on it, you will be able to search for certain phrases across the extract. 

You can also highlight keywords or phrases and then search the web in a new tab, performing a Google search.

The 'X' in the top right hand corner can close the reader. Or else the tab can be closed. 

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