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This article will take you through the steps you need to complete to ensure smooth rollover of your courses and content into the new academic year, how the report will be created and what the process for re-checking content against the Licence will be.


It is important to note that the rollover and re-checking processes will not happen at the same time. Rollover is due to take place in late May/early June (see rollover section for more detail), whereas re-checking will take place during the first week of August.


Why are the rollover and re-checking processes separate?
While in the past your process may have been to check your content permissions whilst preparing your annual report, these are two separate aspects of the Licence. Re-checking is outlined in the Licence as an activity to be carried out at the start of each new licence year in August. As such, CLA will run the automated re-checking of Licence permissions process on content items in the DCS during the first week of August to sync directly with the Licence. The rollover process is linked to the annual reporting and therefore needs to happen prior to this as we will be automatically generating everyone’s reports from the DCS by the end of June. As such, these processes have been separated out as part of the DCS’ automated workflows.


Rollover and the report

In this section, we’ll take you through the rollover process and how your report will be automatically generated by CLA, including what you need to do and by when, to be ready for this process.


When is rollover?
While you will not need to submit a Digital Copy Record Form to report to CLA this year, we will still be generating the report data from the DCS by 15th June 2019. To be ready for this, you should work on getting all your content in the DCS by the end of May. To be prepared for rollover in June you should also ensure that your institution has:


- No outstanding EHESS orders- please ensure these are all in a completed status and nothing is pending.
- Uploaded all content that has been used during that academic year into the DCS, this content should be published and have a link generated.
- Deleted or archived any courses that did not run during the 2018-2019 academic year.
- Updated all courses with accurate student numbers. You cannot have any courses with 0 students when rolling over. If you have a course that has not run, you can archive that course with 0 students and this will not be included in your report.


You will need to have completed this work by the end of May, so that you can start the rollover process. You can start this process once this work is completed for your institution, you do not have to wait until June.


How to rollover into the new academic year?
From the end of May, once you have completed the above tasks to get your Institution ready for rollover, we are happy for you to roll your own institution over into the new academic year. To do this follow these steps:


- Login to the DCS
- Navigate to ‘My Institution’
- In the top right-hand corner of the page, a ‘Start New Academic Year’ button will appear 90 days prior to 1st June (see screenshot below)
- Select this button and wait whilst the rollover process takes place


It’s important that whilst rollover is in progress Librarians do not use the DCS application. Using the system may interrupt the rollover process and cause issues. Students will still be able to access content via the links during rollover.



How long will rollover take?
This will differ depending on the number of content items you have in the DCS. We will advise you prior to rollover on how long to expect this process to take for your institution.


Will links stay the same after rollover?
Yes, all your DCS links will stay the same for your content after rollover. This means you will not need to update any reading lists, or VLEs with new links, unless you delete content or upload new content for the new academic year.


What about active requests?
Active requests will remain in the same state during rollover.


Can students access content during rollover?
Yes, student links are unaffected by rollover and they will still be able to access content during this process.


Can my team continue to work on the DCS during rollover?
No, all work on the DCS needs to be put on hold until after rollover has been completed. Please advise your teams accordingly when you plan to rollover your institution.


What about EHESS orders?
You cannot have any EHESS orders outstanding for rollover, please ensure these are all in a completed status and nothing is pending.


What if I don’t complete rollover by 15th June?
From 15th June, CLA will start rolling over institutions who have not done so themselves, as we require your report at this point. CLA will be in touch with you about your rollover process after this date, to ensure everything is in place to complete this successfully.


What if my institution does not complete this work on time to be rolled over by the CLA?
We will work hard, in collaboration with you, to help you get to a point where you can roll yourselves into the new academic year, or we can do it for you. However, if we are unable to get to this point, you will not be able to use the DCS for reporting this year and will need to report on the Digital Copy Record Form as in previous years.


What do I need to do for the report?
Once you have successfully completed rollover, CLA will be able to generate your report automatically within the system. You will not need to do anything further.


Re-checking Permissions

This section will take you through what happens during the re-checking of permissions and what you need to do, to ensure you are prepared for this.


When will re-checking take place?
CLA will run the re-checking of Licence permissions during the 1st week of August, to comply with the Licence terms.


How long will re-checking take?
Re-checking will be dependent upon the number of content items you have uploaded into the DCS. The higher the number, the longer this will take. We are estimating it will take between 30 minutes for an institution with a low number of links, up to 2 hours for those with a high number of links.


What do I need to do for re-checking?
You do not need to do anything prior to re-checking to prepare for this process. However, once we have run the re-check of permissions on your institution’s content, you may need to reassess content that has been excluded from the Licence and either clear through alternative permissions, or delete it from the DCS. If content has become excluded from the Licence, the link will break in the DCS and the content will go back to a ‘Pending licence’ status. These will be flagged to you on the dashboard in the Licence section, as ‘CLA Licence Excluded’ (see screenshot below). You should keep an eye on this section during the first week of August to catch any content items that become unavailable due to being out of licence at this time.


If you believe the exclusion to be in error please email



What else do I need to do for re-checking?
You will also need to review Licence Status Unknown titles under the link on the Dashboard (see screenshot below). These will either be:


  • Titles that were overridden too near to rechecks (see last FAQ below), which need to be overridden again.
  • Titles with no ISN - you will need to check the website lists under 'View Details' to check these manually to ensure they are still covered.
  • Queries for not found and excluded titles should be sent to (the email address can still be used)




Can students access content during re-checking?
Yes, the links will remain active for students during and after this process. The only exception to this will be where content has become excluded from the Licence. In this circumstance the link will break, meaning students won’t be able to access the content. This content will need to be re-assessed by your teams and will need clearing through other methods.


Can my team continue to work on the DCS during re-checking?
Yes, work will not be affected by the re-checking process.


What about EHESS orders?
It is fine to have pending orders during this process, they will be run through the process as well and should not disrupt it.


Will content that I’ve overridden to be ‘covered by the CLA Licence’ because it was either ‘Not Found’ by the CLA Check Permissions tool or ‘Excluded’, but which I’ve verified as included, be pulled up again and need re-assessing?
This shouldn't be the case for most titles as we have introduced a report that CLA runs that checks the DCS for items that have been overridden in the DCS to be covered by the CLA Licence when they were either ‘Not Found’ or ‘Excluded’ but subsequently verified as included. We provide this information to our Data team to update the Check Permissions database over the course of the year. This means that if you’ve overridden it previously, as long as we can confirm it is indeed covered by the Licence, we will take steps to update our Check Permissions tool to ensure it is not flagged during the re-checking process. However please note that titles overridden in the month leading up to rechecking (July) will need to be overridden again as we will not have been able to send this report to our Data Team to validate in time. If you want to override items in July you may wish to email and the Data Team will add these to the system straight away during the month.


NOTE Remember that selecting 'Covered by CLA Licence' does not generate the link. You need to scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'Generate Link' whereby the same link as before will be regenerated.


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