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When searching for a title via the 'Search' tab or the 'Dashboard' in the DCS, you will normally able to see whether or not the work is included under the CLA HE Licence. This guide will show how the Check Permissions tool integrates with the DCS, and what it looks like when a title is included under the HE Licence, excluded under the HE Licence and when a title generates a 'Not found' search result. 

This also relates to the re-checking of permissions, which happens during the first week of August. You can read more about the process in this article about rollover and re-checking.

Most search results will automatically indicate whether on not the work is included under your licence. 

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Included titles

When a title is included under your HE Licence, a green tick will appear in your search results. 



After clicking 'Search', the DCS automatically recognises this title as being included under the HE Licence. For details on how you may use this work, click 'View Details'. 


You will then see in what way you can use this work under your licence. Because this tool is integrated with the DCS, these permission details are specifically aimed at digital use (scanning and digital-to-digital). It is important to note that should there ever be a conflict between the permissions as stated on the search page and the permissions included in the Licence, you should always follow the Licence. 


Excluded titles

Most, but not all, UK titles are included under the Licence. In the event that the title you search for is excluded from the Licence, you will see a red cross in your search results and the wording will indicate 'Excluded'.


Click on 'View Details' for more information about the title's permissions. 


Titles generating such search results are excluded from the CLA Licence repertoire, meaning that you may not make digital copies to add to the DCS. Whether a title is included or excluded under the HE Licence is based on information provided to CLA by the publisher and by our Trusted Sources, and if you believe a title should not be excluded from use, you may email


Can I still use the title if it is Excluded from the licence?

As mentioned above, titles that generate 'Excluded' search results cannot be added to the DCS under the CLA Licence, unless you have confirmed with CLA that the exclusion is in error. This does not necessarily mean that you cannot photocopy the work, as the DCS search will only tell you whether and how you can use the title in the DCS. If you want to photocopy a title, you can check the permissions here. Make sure that you are viewing results based on the type of licence you hold. 


You can learn more about how to use the Check Permissions tool, and how to look up works that do not generate results, by viewing this webinar

You can add the excluded work to the DCS if you have obtained direct permission from the publisher. You can read more about this here and here


'Not found' titles

When a search returns showing Amber (Not found) permissions, it means that the title was not found in the CLA database. CLA are reliant of publishers sending CLA up-to-date data, and we also add any titles reported to CLA or else added to the DCS under the CLA Licence.



Click on 'View Details' for more information regarding the permissions for Scanned or Digital use of this title. 



'Not Found' search results will often tell you that the title may be used for scanning if the it is published in the UK or by an 'International Mandate Publisher'. You may also be able to use it for digital-to-digital copying depending on where it is published. By clicking on the link, you will be able to see whether and how you can use the title based on the country of publication. 

You will also find a list of publishers whose works can be copied no matter what their country of publication is, referred to as Global Repertoire publishers. 


Note: For the most recent version of the list in above image, click here.

The green ticks indicate whether you can use the title for photocopying, scanning or digital copying. By clicking on the name of the country or one of the green ticks, you will be able to see more details on how you can use works from the respective countries. If there are specific exclusions, these will also be found here. See examples below. 


Here you can see that there are no specific exclusions, meaning that you are permitted to photocopy, scan and copy digital material if it is published in Argentina. 


In the case of Switzerland there are also three green ticks, however not all content can be used for digital copying. Users are referred to a list of included digital material publishers, meaning any publisher that is not on the list should be viewed as excluded, and their titles cannot be used for digital copying. 


In terms of Austria, only photocopying is permitted, and you may not use 'Not Found' titles for scanning or digital copying. 

Please note that if a title is found on CLA's list of Excluded Works, it cannot be used at all unless direct permission is obtained. 


Also good to know...

It may happen that your search does not generate a result, but could still included under the Licence. This looks somewhat different from when a title is not found in the CLA database: 


This result does not have an amber exclamation mark next to the 'Not Found' notice. If this happens, you should try to include the title as well as the ISBN in your search.


If the title is still not found, please select 'Add New Record'.

If you have questions about whether you can use a specific title, please contact As usual, you may contact us with DCS related queries by clicking the help icon in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. 




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