Amend content details after publishing link

Once you have generated a link in a request, the DCS will see the request as complete. To be able to edit the request you will need to follow the steps detailed in this article. This concerns any changes made to the request, such as accept an EHESS order or edit some of the content details in a request by re-uploading the content itself.

The content detail fields that can be amended this way are:

  • Permissions and ownership status. This can be found in the Licence Compliance Verification on the request page. 
  • Colour Scale, Source Format (Print or Digital), Content is OCR, and Page Range.
  • The file itself can also be amended for a better quality version. These are the details available in the Additional Document Information popup box seen below.

For example, if you have entered the incorrect page range when originally adding the link, you can use this process to amend this in the same request, which will produce the exact same link (so you don't have to replace the link on the Reading List / in the VLE). Although the guidance in this article uses page range as an example, this could also be true for any of the document details listed above.



How to amend a request after publishing the content link

In short, there are three steps to this process:

  1. Archive the request, then reinstate it
  2. Make the required changes
  3. Re-generate the link 

Please see below for a more detailed explanation of each step. 

First of all, you need to Archive the content. The content will be inaccessible to students, while you complete these steps. As long as you have the content ready to re-upload, this should only take a few minutes.


You can then immediately Reinstate it.


This will take you back to the request, where you can now make the required changes. To accept an EHESS order, simply click 'accept' as normal and then select your scan and generate the link.

To re-upload the material, use the Add Document button. If you don't have the original PDF available, you can download this from the DCS by clicking on the preview option and downloading it on your local network (this will not be the correct action if you wish to replace the file itself). 


Once you have clicked on the Add Document button, you will be able to amend the document details, including the page range as in this example.


Once you choose the file to re-upload, you will be able to publish the link the again though you may need to re-confirm extent limit first.


Now the link is active again for students to use and it is the same link as it was previously.

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