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As you can read in this article about EHESS integration, you can 'Report a problem' through the DCS if you are not fully happy with your ordered EHESS scan. This article will explain this process both from within the DCS and from the BL's perspective to make the process easier to understand for users of the DCS. 

Report a problem

After submitting an EHESS order, the BL will supply your scan via the DCS. Once they have supplied the scan, you will see the below options in your request. After Previewing the scan, you should either 'Accept' the scan or 'Report a problem' with the supplied scan. You can also update the page range if the actual page range differs from what you initially submitted. 

If you are not happy with the scan, you can report a problem to the BL via the DCS. The BL receives and acts on this through the use of an API. 

Once you click on the 'Report a problem' button, this box will appear on your screen:

Here you can fill in your contact information and explain the issue to the BL. You should also select what type of issue this is about. 

Note: The BL API does not work with special characters, therefore please do not include characters such as ! : ( ) in your message. If you get an error after submitting your message, please make sure there are no special characters in your message and try again. If the problem persists, please take a screenshot of the message box and send this together with the DCS request ID to 


There are four issue types that can be reported through the DCS: 'Wrong article sent', 'Article has missing pages', 'Article is poor quality' & 'I cannot download/print this item'. 

 After choosing the appropriate issue type, you should fill in your contact information and a description of the issue for the BL. Then click 'Send'. The BL will then be notified of the issue via an API. How they are able to respond to this depend on the issue type.

'Wrong article sent', 'Article has missing pages' & 'Article is poor quality':

For the above three, the BL can only close the order and handle it outside of the API. This will prompt one final action being sent by the BL to the DCS, which will be described in the EHESS order as "Failed" and then "Problem Resolved". Following this, the BL will contact you directly and either cancel the order or re-supply the PDF to you directly outside of the API. 

If the PDF is sent to you directly, outside of the API and DCS, the only way for it to be added to the EHESS order in the DCS is if you contact us and ask us to add it as a CLA Admin. We're more than happy to do this for you - simply email Remember to include the request ID and attach the file you want us to upload. 

Alternatively, you can add the document yourself to the DCS outside of the EHESS order. To do this, go to the request and click 'Add document' as you normally with content requests.

'I cannot download/print this item':

In this case, the BL can either close the order or resend the link. If they close the order, the process in terms of the DCS will work as detailed above. If they resend the link, they can resupply the PDF via the API. The new PDF will appear on the order, ready for you to 'Accept' or 'Report a problem'. A 'Document Downloaded and added to the DCS' event will be added to the EHESS order. This is currently the only issue type for which the BL can resupply the PDF directly into the DCS via the API. 








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