Information to provide

When emailing to register your interest, it will speed up the onboarding process if you provide us with the following information:


User Details

Provide us with a list of staff who will require a user account for the DCS. We will require their full name and email address.



The DCS allows for several integration methods

Shibboleth and Open Athens

The DCS allows for integration between Shibboleth and Open Athens.  In order for CLA to set this up, you will need to provide with Entity ID during the onboarding process. We also require a test username and password, as without this we cannot test to see if the authentication is working and we cannot troubleshoot if anything should go wrong with the set up.

Typically the Entity ID is based on your HEI’s domain name. So based on others we have seen (using CLA Univerisity as an example) it may look like:


You can also authenticate with EZProxy, please have a look at this article for more information about  how to do this. 

Manual Authentication

You can now also authenticate manually. Have a look at this article for more information. 

IP authentication (to be used in conjunction with one of the above)

If you wish to set up IP authentication, please send us your IP ranges.


Library Management System

The DCS currently allows integration between ExLibris Alma, SirsiDynix Symphony and Innovative Sierra.

For the information required to set up ExLibris Alma click here

For the information required to set up SirsiDynix Symphony click here

For the information required to set up Innovative Sierra click here

For the information required to set up Capita Alto click here

For the information required to set up OCLC Worldshare click here

For the information required to set up PTFS Koha click here


Sending Content 

You can send CLA any existing digitised files that you wish to be available on the DCS and we will bulk upload the content on to the DCS for you. The easiest way to do this is through a CLAcloud account, so if you wish to have your files uploaded let us know the email address you would like to use for the CLAcloud account. To find out more about the bulk upload process click here.


Please note:

The CLAcloud is not the Sandbox environment or the DCS. This is the website we use to make it simple for you to send us your content so we can upload it onto the Sandbox or DCS for you. If you are experiencing any difficulties using the CLAcloud, you can use alternative methods to send us your content such as a ZIP file.

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