Completing the DCS Load File Spreadsheet

To enable CLA to upload your existing content onto the DCS, we will require the metadata and course information of each scan. This will need to be entered into the DCS Load File Spreadsheet. This is an Excel file that needs to be completed and submitted at the same time as your PDF's are uploaded onto the CLAcloud. 

You will receive a template of the DCS Load File Spreadsheet at the same time as receiving your CLAcloud login details explaining the information you need to provide and which fields in the spreadsheet are mandatory.





Please note: CLA are unable to upload entries that are missing any of the mandatory fields such as the ISBN/ISSN


File names

When submitting your content to be bulk uploaded onto the DCS, you will not need to change your file names. The only thing you need to make sure of is that the file names on the load file match the files you have uploaded onto the CLAcloud. As you can see in the example below, the file names listed on the spread sheet are the name of the file added to the cloud with .pdf at the end. It does not matter what your file names are, as long as the files you upload to the cloud match the names listed on the spreadsheet. The file names will not be seen on the DCS by you or any other HEI so there is no need to change them.


Multiple use of one scan

If a scan is used across more than one course, upload the scan once but enter it into the load file once for each different course. As you can see in the example below, Scan101 is listed twice but only uploaded onto the cloud once. The details listed on the load file will be the same, except for just two fields: course name and course code.

Once you have completed this spreadsheet and all of your files have been uploaded onto the CLAcloud, email us the spreadsheet and let us know. We will then check the spreadsheet for you and notify you if there are any incorrect fields. CLA will contact you once your content has been processed and uploaded onto the DCS.

Click here to view our onboarding webinar, that contains a video demonstration that show how to complete the load file spreadsheet.

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