Compliance Audits

Clause 8 of the Licence refers to Compliance Audits, which can be conducted within selected HEIs. 


How will the DCS affect Audits? Will they still be necessary?

Audits will continue to be carried out each year across 15 randomly selected HEIs (including HEIs using the DCS).  Audits may also occur when CLA is notified of concerns of possible infringement at an HEI; these visits would be in addition to the annual visits mentioned previously.

What data will be considered if a DCS user is audited? Will you use live DCS data?

Currently the Education Team at CLA use the Digital Copy Record Form to inform our compliance checks for audited HEIs. For DCS users we will use the data that they have submitted as part of DCS rollover and not data that is in progress, so only the data signed off as complete by HEIs will be checked.

All other aspects of the Audits will be the same; however the auditor will happily go through any DCS issues or queries with an HEI during the Audit visit.



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