As per clause 3.2 of the Licence, an HEI must own or have subscribed to the original material from which the copy is made. This remains the case with the DCS, regardless of whether or not another HEI has uploaded a copy to the repository. If an HEI does not own the source material, they can purchase a Copyright Fee Paid (CFP) copy to act as ownership. It is possible to order these from the British Library and CLA’s EHESS facility through the DCS.

In the integrated version of the DCS, it is possible for the DCS to communicate with an HEI’s Library Management System (LMS) so that the check on ownership is automatic; otherwise a manual check box is required. 

If you make a copy in the DCS and then later decide to remove the original material from your library catalogue, or cancel your electronic subscription, the HEI is still covered to keep the copy because at the point of copying, ownership was apparent. 

Ownership Statuses

  • Not Catalogued – owned by the institution though not in the library catalogue
  • Copyright Fee Paid copy – a CFP copy from a document delivery service like the British Library Do not use this field when wishing to order a CFP from the EHESS integration - please leave as 'not owned' until after your order has been placed
  • Personal Copy – not institution owned but copied under exceptional circumstances allowed under the Licence (the institution owned copy is spoiled or damaged, or else not commercially available to purchase)
  • Catalogued – owned as part of the library catalogue
  • Purchased – not currently owned but has been purchased and is on order (if available in the repository you do not have to wait for the book to be delivered before fulfilling the request)
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