Active Requests

When completing a Content Request to generate a link, you may find you do not have all of the information needed to complete the request. The DCS will store the incomplete request for you and allow you to come back and complete it once you have the required information.

You can view your Active Requests by clicking on the Active Requests icon in the navigation panel on the left hand side of the screen.

Below are the scenarios in which you can store your request as an active request. Use the quick links below to jump to specific parts of this article:

‘Assigning Content’- You do not have content to use for this request

If you have not yet scanned or created the digital content you need, cannot order it from EHESS and no other HEI has provided a Digital Copy you can come back to the request at a later date.

Any request that does not have content will appear as below:


Once you have sourced the content you would like to assign to the request, you can go back onto the Active Requests and find the content request you need by using the search function. You can search by requester (the course lecturer), the date you created it, the course code, the course title or the request ID. You can even search by the status. Simply click on the request and carry on completing it as you would any other request. Once all the sections have been completed and a link has been generated, the request will no longer be an active request.


‘Pending Licence’- You need to check you can use an extract

If the work is excluded from the licence, the ownership is outstanding or you need to check the extent limits the request will be saved as ‘Pending Licence’. Once you have confirmed you are legally allowed to copy the work you can go back to the request and override the licence compliance verification.

Ready For Release

Once you have completed all of the required fields and your link is ready to be generated, your request will be marked as ‘Ready For Release’.

Notes field

At the bottom of the Content Request page, you will find a notes box.


Once you have entered your notes, click ‘Save Notes’. These will be visible when you view your active request and can be revisited and edited at any time.

Deleting a content request

If you have started a content request, but it is no longer required you can delete it by using the ‘Delete Content Request’ button at the top left hand side of the content request page. You can find the request you want to delete by searching your active requests, opening the request and clicking this button.


Content Request ID numbers

All content requests are assigned an ID number. This will appear in the top right hand side of the screen. If your request is stored in active requests, you can find it quickly by searching this number.

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