Uploading your own scan

The DCS allows institutions see if another HEI has already copied the extract you wish to use, negating the need for you to copy it yourself if you do not want to. However if no copy is available, or you do not wish to use any that are, you can upload your own scan to the DCS.

When creating a link to content, this will come up under the Source Content section.


Click Add Document to upload your own scan.

You can also order a scan from EHESS. For more information about this, you can read this article.  

The form below will appear.


Once you have completed this form, select Choose File. Once you have selected your PDF and it has uploaded successfully, you can now click Select to use this scan. If you would like to preview the scan before you assign it, click Preview.


You are now able to generate a link to your content. You can also leave an internal note about the scan. 

Please note: If you do not have the PDF yet, click away from the content request screen and this will save the request in Active Requests under the label 'Assigning Content'. To read more about Active Requests click here.

If there are any issues with the content you have uploaded (incorrect bibliographic data, previous Copyright Notice being left on the scan), please email detailing the following:

  • ISBN / ISSN of extract
  • Page range of extract
  • Volume / Issue number of journal (where available)
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