Running a Report

In the DCS you can run reports for the requests you have made through the DCS. This report includes the DCS link and the number of clicks made against the links, as well as course and bibliographic data.

To run a report in the DCS do to the Reports section of the DCS.

Here you should enter the valid academic year and date range for your report before clicking Download Report.



Ensure you use an appropriate date range, using the format dd/mmm[letters]/yyyy



If you do not enter a valid range (and therefore the calendar does not pop up) selecting the correct day, month and year, you will get an error message.


Once you have successfully run a report it should download as per your browser preference. In Chrome this will be an automatic popup at the bottom of the page.


Open the report and you should see all the associated meta data in the DCS. This includes your Request number, course and bibliographic data, the request status, the Licence Type, the number of clicks of the link and the link itself.

Here you can now filter for the work you are looking for (such as work for a specific course) or else Pivot to find specific details (popular links based on clicks).

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