ExLibris Alma Integration

Information required to setup the integration with Alma LMS in the DCS

To set up integration with ExLibris Alma, please email with your ExLibris Alma institution code where the institution code will almost certainly be of the form 44XXX_INST where XXX is a lettercode appropriate to the institution.

You will also need to ensure that your SRU query URL is available for third parties to query.

The form of the SRU is:

https://<Alma domain>/view/sru/<institution_code>?version=1.2&operation=explain

For UK customers, this should be:<institution_code>?version=1.2&operation=explain


Testing the integration in the DCS

Once integrated you should check your catalogue holdings in the DCS to ensure the setup is correct. An integrated title should appear as below.


If the catalogue result is incorrect or you purchase an item not in the catalogue, you can confirm ownership using the 'Override' icon.


If the result is in error, stating that you own material that you do not, this can also be overriden using the 'Override' icon.


Alma holding information in the DCS

Users with an integrated Alma LMS are now able to automatically check their Alma LMS catalogues using the DCS with a new ‘View Holdings Information’ button:


This can tell you the availability of items at your library to support scanning, and also to confirm ownership for HEIs with shared libraries:


If your Alma integration is not working, please ensure your SRU Integration Profile is set up to include availability.


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