When you first log onto the DCS, you will see the DCS dashboard. The dashboard contains several different sections that make using and navigating the DCS easy.

CLA Announcements

The first section of the dashboard is the CLA Announcements board. Here we will post any news we have on the DCS and information on the most recent updates to the system.


You can begin creating a link to content straight from the dashboard, by searching the ISBN, Title, Article title, DOI or Author of the work.

Courses requiring update

This section will notify you of any courses that need to be updated before the start of the new academic year which is the date CLA will run the Royalty distribution reports from, so around June 15th each year. This box will only appear 90 days before the next academic year in the DCS is due to start, and will notify you of any updates you need to make e.g. Courses with 0 students.


The Licence section provides a summary of all requests or links to content that have an outstanding licence status or permissions that are expiring in the near future. By clicking each status on the list, it will open the filtered list of the requests in ‘Active Requests’ where you can view, edit, progress and complete the request.

Filter by User

The dashboard will automatically show all users active requests, but by clicking the drop down arrow next to User in the top right hand corner of the page, you can filter by each user and the dashboard will only display their requests.


The EHESS section will provide an update on the status of your institutions EHESS orders.



In the future, we will be able to flag where a potentially better quality copy has been added to the DCS.  This could be an EHESS copy or a publisher original copy where you have previously uploaded an internally created Digital Copy.


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