The DCS is integrated with ExLibris’ Alma, SirsiDynix’s Symphony and now also Innovative Sierra. This means you will have the option to link to either of these systems to automatically ascertain whether your HEI owns a particular book or journal. We are talking to other Library Management System providers, including Capita, and are hoping to integrate with more LMSs in the near future after launch.

The Content URL API has been released to reading list providers to allow them to integrate their reading list systems with the DCS. Ex Libris have now implemented this for their Leganto reading list system, for other systems please get in touch with the providers directly for an update. 

Leganto integration with the DCS will allow secure links to content to be automatically inserted into course reading lists, rather than having to be manually added after creation.

To set up integration, please contact and provide us with the details needed to set up the integration.

For the information required to set up ExLibris Alma click here

For the information required to set up SirsiDynix Symphony click here

For the information required to set up Innovative Sierra click here

For the information required to set up OCLC Worldshare click here

For the information required to set up Capita Alto click here

For the information required to setup PTFS Koha click here



Will the DCS integrate with Talis Aspire Reading Lists (TARL) and Talis Aspire Digitised Content (TADC)?

We have developed a ‘Content URL API’ which is available to all reading list providers, enabling the DCS to integrate with reading list systems. Please contact your reading list provider directly for more details on their integration with this API.

Will academics be able to request content through one of the LMSs, or would we have to have an external requesting system, and enter details manually?

For the time being at least, you would need to use an external requesting system. The DCS has been built with librarians, digitisation officers or similar roles in mind as the primary users, rather than academic staff. However, we are exploring the possibility of developing an optional further layer that would add certain user rights for academics.


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