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For those HEIs not using the DCS, the CLA HE Licence requires them to check at least once during the three-year licence period that a Digital Copy is still required for the following academic year, liaising with academic staff as necessary; and, if it is not required again for the course, or if the course is no longer running, the Digital Copy must be deleted or archived. (In practice, while it is no longer a Licence requirement, many HEIs continue to carry out such checks on an annual basis to ensure course resources remain as relevant as possible for students.)

With the DCS, there is no need to make these checks! Links are available in perpetuity and the rollover process is automated.

How rollover will work 

The DCS will automatically roll over each course with all its existing content, to the following academic year. Items will continue to be available via the same link. (Remember that if you do wish to remove access to any items, you can do this yourself at any time.)

The only thing you will need to do is update your student numbers. Three months before the ‘rollover date’ (to be confirmed by CLA shortly,), you will see a new field on your DCS dashboard which says ‘Courses with 0 students’. All you will need to do is simply update these courses with the correct number of students for the following academic year. This can be amended at a later date if necessary. To read more information about updating courses click here.  

On 1 August (the beginning of the licence year), all the items in the DCS will be re-checked against the Check Permissions API; any items which have become excluded may be used for the remainder of the academic year, but will be flagged up in the dashboard for future planning.


Is it the case that we don’t have to delete scans that may not be needed for a particular course during the following academic year?

Yes, that’s correct. We will not require you to do any weeding in this respect, so this also means that you won’t be required to check with academic staff what scans within a particular course may be needed for the following academic year.

Will the DCS generate email reminders about scans that are due to be renewed for a new semester?

No. As above, we at CLA won’t require you to do any renewal of scans – they will be automatically rolled over. If you do decide that you would like to delete any, or a whole course, you can do this, but will need to have your own processes in place.

Presumably, for items where we originally owned a copy, we will still need to check periodically to make sure we still have the original content in stock?

No, this won’t be necessary. In short, once an item is linked via the DCS you do not need to do anything further. If you owned the item at the time of scanning (or at the time of linking to existing content), this is fine. There is no need to carry out any further checks. So if, for example, your institution weeds out an earlier edition from its library collection, you can continue to link to a scan made from that edition.


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