Copyright Notices

As per the Licence, all Authorised Persons can view copies made under the Licence, but only Course Users can download and print the material.  As a result, a Copyright Notice (also referred to as cover sheet) is used in the DCS to remind students of this. While Copyright Notices are not seen in previews of material, the DCS will automatically generate a Copyright Notice specific to your institution that will preface the copy, detailing the course for which the material is intended. 

If you have uploaded your logo onto the 'My Institution' page, this will appear on the Copyright Notice that the DCS automatically generates. The notices are also available in Welsh. However it is not possible to alter Copyright Notices manually to include more courses. If the material is needed for another course, it can easily be cloned in the course area and the new course code attached. A different cover notice will be automatically generated containing the different course information.

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