Storage and keeping ‘inactive’ material

Can an HEI still keep a back-up copy of our material, as per clause 4.1.1?

As the DCS is a repository for material, there is no obligation for an HEI to keep or store the copies made, unless for its own internal purposes. Should an HEI store the copies, for instance, for back up purposes, these should be kept securely so that neither academic staff or students can access them.

What should I do about material that may be used one year but not the next?

In the case where material is used every other or in intermittent years, or if you are unsure as to whether material will be used again, there is no requirement to delete or archive the link generated from the DCS – CLA will detect that the material is not in use when it is not clicked on that year. Naturally an HEI may wish to archive and reinstate links if it wishes, for its own internal housekeeping purposes. To read more about Rollover, click here.

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