Book Requests

When using the DCS to search for book permissions, we would recommend that you use the ISBN in the first instance.

If the result is Not Found (for the bibliographic record rather that the CLA Permission) you can add the title in to the search as this will occasionally help find the correct result. Please also note that if you have a space in your search after the ISBN ("9781138192782 "), this will normally give a 'not found' result. Please remove this and try to search again if you found that a space has been included in your search. 

You can also search for a title and use the Quick Filter to find the correct result using any of the headers in the search results (ISN, Title, Author, Publisher).

If the Book is not available you can add it using the Add New Record function.

CLA is also looking into utilising other databases for the search tool (which will hopefully make instances of titles not being in the DCS rarer) and will be in touch with users once any upgrades are made.

Once you have found the record you can then add pagination to the search to look for the extract in question. This should be in the following method: 1-10, 25, 32, 35-37

So consecutive page ranges are separated with a dash and non-consecutive page ranges separated with a comma. 

You can also add Roman Numeral entries, but remember that these have to always be non-consecutive from Arabic numbering (for example you should never add vii-10 even if this is the consecutive page range you used) as we will be unable to work out what the number of pages are as we will not know how many Roman Numeral pages are in the book (for the example before enter vii-xxi, 1-10).

Once in the Active Request, book requests will have an extract detail section. This is where you have the option of adding extract details to your request (which will populate the Copyright Notice for CLA licensed content).


These can be updated at any time by clicking 'Update Chapter Information'.

These details will auto-populate if you are processing an academic request which included these details.



You can also try to source details from the DCS by clicking the 'Source Chapter Information' button.

A popup will appear detailing all the extract details held in the DCS. You can select these individually by simply clicking in the relevant cell, or else you can 'Select All' to select all items in that row. 


If you do not see any results after clicking this button, we recommend completing your request first, as there might be an extract under Source Content that has slightly different page range than what you're searching for, and this feature needs an exact page range to work. Once you have selected an item under Source Content with a different page range, your request page range will automatically update and you can try sourcing the extract details again. 

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