Making an EHESS order

Ordering a Copyright Fee Paid Copy (from a publication that your institution does not own) or an outsourced scan (from a publication that your institution does own) through your British Library EHESS can be completed through the DCS.

Firstly you should start your request as normal, searching for the book or article and then entering the page range. After this, click next to enter the request page.

 To see a list of EHESS error message codes, click here.


Not owned titles

For this first example, we will imagine that you are ordering a Copyright Fee Paid copy (CFP) and therefore we would ask you to ensure that you do not override the ownership status, and that it remains as "Not Owned". Please note that you should not choose the option 'Copyright Fee Paid copy' at this stage, as this will tell the DCS that you already have a CFP copy, not that you are planning on ordering one. You can read more about ownership here

As mentioned, you should not click on override at this stage, but leave it as not owned.

Once you add the request to a course, and confirm compliance with the Extent Limits, you can click the ‘Order from EHESS’ button in the “Source Content” box.

This will take you through to the Order Page. Here you can view the quote for the order, and, because you do not own the title, this cost includes both the copyright fee and the service fee for the item.

At this stage you can click 'Back' if you're unhappy or need to check something. If you’re happy with everything, you can click 'Order'.

Your order will now be submitted and this will appear on your Dashboard under EHESS.

Click on this link and you can see all the requests. This area can be filtered for only your orders (you the user) by filtering for your name in the Dashboard.


An order that cannot be fulfilled will also appear in the Dashboard. If you click to the Active Request page and then click on the order, you can scroll to the content section to see the message from the British Library (BL).

If you would like more clarity please contact the British Library at

Fulfilled orders will appear under “Awaiting HEI Review” on the Dashboard. Click on the request, as indicated above, and then scroll down to the order. Here you can accept to create the link, report a problem and update the page range. You can also view your order, which is where you will find your BL order number (this is your reference for any direct contact with the BL regarding your order).

You must click one of these, even if you just plan to download the file, amend and then 'Add Document' to add the amended file (after perhaps reducing file-size or making the file accessible etc). If you want to amend and re-upload the file into request, after you have added it, ensure that you 'Accept' the file. 

You can now generate the link and access your EHESS order.


Owned titles

Where your HEI owns a copy of the publication and you wish to outsource the scanning to the British Library, please ensure that your ownership status is confirmed so that you are not charged the Copyright Fee and, in doing so, please ensure that no Copyright Fee is applied to the order. From here on in the steps are the same as for a Copyright Fee Paid copy detailed above.



EHESS Errors

Please see table below for a list of BL error codes and what they mean.


If you get a 403 error this is most likely due to there being a special character somewhere in the item's bibliography. Special characters are unfortunately not always accepted by the BLs API, however we're happy to help by removing the special characters in the DCS for you. If you're not seeing any special characters in the metadata, or you have recently had the integration setup or changed your EHESS password, there may be an issue with the password not matching the one we have in the setup in the DCS. So we can get this looked into for you, please get in touch with us on if you get an error like this. Please include the request ID and/or ISN in the email so we can resolve this for you quicker. 



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