Setting up your EHESS account

If you do not have an EHESS account, please see the CLA website for more information about signing up, please see here.

Once you are setup with your EHESS account please contact to integrate you account with the DCS.

We will require

  • Your EHESS account number (which takes the form XX-XXX where X is always numeric). This may also be referred to as the Customer Key.
  • Your EHESS API password
  • Whether you are a pay monthly, or pay in advance customer 

If you are struggling to find the above information, please request this from:

Once CLA has notified you that the account has been set up please go to the following webpage:

Log on using the username and password created for your British Library On Demand online account. The credentials used must be either for an Account Manager or Administrator.

All you have to do now is click on the created button.


The status should then change to confirmed. You can now make EHESS orders through the DCS.


If you wish, you can change your institution's settings so that users receive email notifications when there is a status change to your EHESS orders (they can be 'Awaiting HEI review', 'Failed', 'Supplied by CLA' or 'Closed'). To do this, go to the 'My institution' tab and scroll down to where it says 'British Library Configuration'. Here you will see a tick box - tick this and then scroll down to the bottom of your page and click 'Update'. 

The user who created the request will be sent a simple email letting them know their order has an update and offering a link directly to the request. If you would prefer not to receive these updates then simply leave the settings as they currently are.


Once you are setup on the system you can order EHESS copies in the DCS. Please see our detailed instruction guide on using EHESS in the DCS here.


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