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If IP authentication has been setup in the DCS for your institution, you will be able to access DCS content via the DCS content links while on campus (so long as you're accessing links via the institution network and not for example your own mobile data). If this hasn't been setup, or you're off-campus, you will be able to access the content via an alternative authentication method. This article is relevant for those institutions without federated authentication who have Manual Authentication setup. 

For information about Manual authentication aimed at students, please go to this article

For information about Manual authentication aimed at the Library team (DCS users), please go to this article.


Manual Authentication for Lecturers

Below you will find information about the following:


Setting a password

Before you can access DCS content, you must have been setup as a Lecturer by your Library team in the DCS. If you're not sure if you have, please go to, click 'New user', enter your institution email address and press 'Send'. If you've been setup, you will see a success message and an email will shortly arrive in your inbox with a link to setup a password. If you see a message indicating that you've not yet been setup in the DCS, please contact your library and request to be setup. 

Once you've received an email with a link to set a password, click on this and enter a valid password. Then use your email address and password to login to the Academic Request Form. 

Note: You do not need to use the academic request form to create requests if this isn't a workflow in use at your institution. For more information about the academic request form, go to this article


Accessing content

Now that you've set a password, you can access the content links to check the digitised material for your course or module. Click on a content link provided by your library or digitisation team and enter your username (email) and password. This will take you to the content, which will either open in our student reader or download as a PDF, depending on how your library has chosen to configure the DCS. 

Upon clicking 'sign in', you will be taken to the link you tried accessing initially. You will not have to go back to wherever you found the link, e.g. the reading list or VLE, to find the link again. If you choose to save your password, you will not have to re-enter this the next time you try to authenticate:

Once authenticated, you will stay logged in for 12 hours if using the Student Reader, and will therefore be able to remain logged in to the extract for all this time and access any other DCS extract, without logging in again, if in the same browser session.


Resetting your password

While students will be able to reset their password from the content link's login page, this does not currently work for lecturers. If you have forgotten your password or want to change it, please do this via the Academic Request Form

Click 'Reset password' and enter your email address. Upon clicking 'Send' you'll get an email with a link to set a new password. 


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