Will CLA and the DCS be able to continue to operate while we are being asked to self-isolate?

Yes, CLA will continue to operate, as will the DCS. 

CLA have closed our offices from March 19 and are all working remotely. We are well set up as a company for remote, flexible working and our intention is that we will continue to run our business as effectively as we can while operating virtually. We envisage projects to continue as currently planned. 

The DCS will therefore continue to be supported by the CLA Team.

For our development and support of bug fixes, CLA's development partner Kortext already operate remotely and they see no issues arising from social distancing or being self isolated.

We don't anticipate any negative affects from using the DCS during this period but continue to monitor usage, up-time and the availability of the Reader to ensure that there is no additional strain on the system.

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