Integration with KeyLinks

The DCS can now be integrated with KeyLinks (RLMS). If you are using both KeyLinks and the DCS and want us to configure the integration for you, please get in touch with us either on or

If you are interested in learning more about either the DCS or KeyLinks, please get in touch with us on

Once we have configured the integration for you, you'll need to subscribe to the KeyLinks API in the DCS. 

To do this, users should go to their 'My institution' page and scroll down to 'API User Configuration' where they should subscribe to the KeyLinks API


Once subscribed, the button will change to the below:

To learn more about how the integration between the two systems work, please have a look at this article for a setup guide and this article for a practical guide: Part 1 covers the integration within KeyLinks, and part 2 covers the integration within the DCS. The article also cover how to link to existing DCS requests within KeyLinks as well as how this will look for your students viewing their lists. 

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