Reports: Downloads per content item - length of time accessed

You can now access another metric in your reporting; namely the length of time content has been accessed within the student reader. The report can be ran on chosen date ranges and clicking ‘Download Report’ will place it in a report queue. 

You will receive a link to the report via email once it has completed. The link opens as a direct download. The time this takes will depend on the size of your institution and the amount of data in your report.

This report looks the same as the downloads per content item does, however we have made it a separate report to ensure that other more important scans needed straight away are not delayed.

Note that this is not a report on how long each student has spent on reading content, as we do not capture such information, but a measurement of how long a content link has been accessed in total. You could then for example pass this on to your academic staff to let them know which of their readings seem more popular based on how long they are being accessed in the reader (remember to see this in conjunction with how many downloads to PDF and prints the same items have for a realistic picture):


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