Manual and bulk upload of Lecturers

Bulk upload of Lecturers

It is now possible to do a bulk upload of lecturers in the DCS. This can be done from your 'My Institution' page in the DCS.

When viewing the Lecturer Configuration on your institution page there are four possible actions:

a. Add Lecturer: Clicking this button allows you to add an individual lecturer if you do not wish to use the bulk update functionality. This will be useful when you've only got one or two lecturers to add at once. Enter the lecturer's name and email address and you're done! If your lecturer will be using the academic request form they should go to and click 'new user' to setup a password. 

b. Bulk Update: Click this after you've filled out the bulk upload CSV (step C). Choose the file and click 'update', which will add all of the lecturers you included in the file. 

c. Generate CSV pre-filled with current info: Click here to download a CSV file of all current lecturers in your DCS site. This will give you a file with your currently setup lecturer's names and email addresses. You can now edit existing lecturers or add new ones. Note that the email must be of a valid format for the bulk update to work. Removing lecturers from the spreadsheet before doing a bulk upload will not delete them from the DCS. Any deletions must be done manually. 

d. Download template: Click this to download an empty CSV template with the necessary headings to do a bulk upload. This is similar to step C but does not include current info. Please note that row 2 must be deleted before you do the bulk update:


Manual upload of Lecturers

You can still add, edit and delete lecturers manually. To add a new lecturer, simply click the 'Add Lecturer' button. 

To edit a specific lecturer, not using the bulk update spreadsheet, search for the lecturer and click 'Edit Lecturer': 

And to delete a lecturer, click the 'Delete Lecturer' button next to the relevant lecturer's name. Removing a lecturer from the bulk update CSV does not remove them from the DCS. 

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