To set up integration with Koha, please email with your base URL, which is in the following format:

http://libcat.[HEI domain]:[port number]

If you are unsure of what your base URL is, please speak to PTFS who will be able to help you find it. 

We will also add your Koha catalogue version, however this is static and always 1.1. 


Below is an example of how this will look in the DCS after integrated: 


Once integrated you should check your catalogue holdings in the DCS to ensure the setup is correct. An integrated title should appear as below.


If the catalogue result is incorrect or you purchase an item not in the catalogue, you can confirm ownership using the 'Override' icon.


If the result is in error, stating that you own material that you do not, this can also be overriden using the 'Override' icon.

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