Reports: Downloads per content item

All HEIs can see the number of times a DCS link has been accessed by running their HEI report. Users who have enabled the student reader for their institution can also access another set of usage metrics. 

By running the separate report Downloads per content item HEIs can get the following metrics:

  • Number of views: the number of times the link has been clicked on
  • Number of downloads to PDF: The number of times the 'download to PDF' button has been clicked on within the student reader
  • Number of downloads to Kortext: Only applicable to users who have integrated with the Kortext app
  • Number of Prints: The number of times students have printed the extract from within the student reader


This report will not show you which student has accessed what material, but rather gives you some metrics on course level. These can be shared with your lecturers who may be interested in seeing what content their students are engaging with the most (and least!) and how. Please note that lecturers cannot access this data unless you as a DCS user choose to send them the data. Therefore, if you have concerns around GDPR due to small student numbers on specific courses, you are free to refrain from sharing the data. 

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