Linking the DCS to your Talis Reading List

Setting up your DCS environment integration with Talis’ reading list system (TARL) is simple.

Firstly you should also review Talis' own guidance on integrating with the DCS, which can be found here:

You will need to contact Talis and ensure they are able to support the integration with your reading list. When contacting them you should supply them with you CLA institution code number so that they configure the API on their end. You can find your CLA institution code on the “My Institution” page:


Once in "My Institution" you can see the institution code at the end of the URL.

Please note that this is not the CLA Account number.


Once you are ready to allow Talis to call the DCS, you will need to grant permission to them accessing your request data in the DCS (in order to auto-populate your reading list with the DCS link, once generated). You can do this again on the “My Institution” page. 

Scroll to the bottom of the “My Institution” page to the “API User Configuration” box. Here you will see a list of all the active third party users of the DCS Course Content URL API.


Click on the “Subscribe” button next to to enable Talis to access your DCS links. You will see a pop up box asking you to acknowledge that you know you are enabling a third party to access this data and that this is subject to the DCS Terms of Use.

Once you have accepted, your connection is complete. The rest of the set up will be within Talis itself and the call initiated in Talis.

If at any time you  would like to cease this connection, go back into the “My Institution” page and in the “API User Configuration” box click “Unsubscribe” on any of your subscribed services.


More information on making a request in Talis and the DCS can be found here:

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