Cancelling an EHESS order

If you place an EHESS order in the DCS, but want to cancel this, please contact the BL on 

When contacting them, please mention your BL order number which can be found two places in the DCS:

  • On the request page, click 'View order' to see the order number
  • In your EHESS report, find the request ID in column F and the EHESS order number in column G 

Please do not just cancel the order in the DCS as this will not send any notification to the BL and the order will not be cancelled on their end. This means you may still be charged for the order.


If the reason for cancelling is that the quality of the scan was of poor quality, or you're otherwise unhappy with the scan received, please click 'report a problem' in the request in the DCS instead of contacting the BL to cancel. They will then be able to provide you with a new scan. You can read more about this here

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