Searching for requests from the dashboard

There are three ways to search for a request from the DCS dashboard:

  1. Searching using the request ID
  2. Searching for an ISN or title
  3. Searching using the BL order ID 


Search for requests using the request ID

The quickest way to find a DCS request is to simply enter the request ID in the Request ID search box on the dashboard and clicking 'Go' to search. 


This will take you straight to the content request. 


Search for requests related to an ISN or item title

If you do not know the request ID for the request you are looking for, it is possible to browse requests in your institution's DCS instance linked to an ISN or title. In addition to finding requests this also facilitates cloning of content and checking of whether another edition of an item might have already been used for the same course/module. 



Click 'Go' which takes you to the search area. When in the search area click on any of the requests to enter them. You can also narrow down the search results by searching for for example the course:




Search for requests linked to an EHESS order number (BL ID)

It is now possible to search your DCS instance for requests by entering the British Library order ID in a new search box on the DCS dashboard: 



This means it is no longer necessary to first run your EHESS report in order to find the DCS request ID for your EHESS orders. 

The BL order ID is included as a reference on your BL EHESS invoices. 

After searching for your order number in this search box you will see the request which relates to it:


Click on this to open the request.

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