Onboarding process

This article describes a typical onboarding process for new DCS users. If you'd like more information about how this process will look for your institution, or would like to get started, please contact us at 


What happens before you are setup with a DCS account?

  1. System demo to see how the DCS might benefit your institution
  2. Information gathering to understand your current workflow:
    1. How do you receive digitisation requests from staff/academics/tutors? How are
      digitisations sent to students (e.g. PDFs via email, PDFs on VLE, other?)
    2. Who at your institution does the scanning and who are responsible for supplying
      academics with content?
  3. Information gathering regarding system integrations:
    1. Do you have a Library Management System? We currently integrate with the
    2. Are you ordering from the BL (EHESS?)
    3. Do you use federated authentication? We can integrate with the following (for
      student access to content, not DCS login):
    4. Are you using an RLMS? The following are now integrated with the DCS using our free-to-use API:
  4. Who will need access to the DCS? We will need a list of names and email addresses of
    library staff who should get access. Alternatively you can send the name of one contact
    who will be responsible to setup the rest of the team. You will also be asked to nominate a
    primary contact and, if you wish, one or more general contacts for our support mail contact

What happens after you've been setup with a DCS account?

  1. We will send you the links to the DCS live and sandbox (test) sites with instructions on how
    to setup a password before first-time use. 
  2. We will send you the connector mapping spreadsheet to complete if you want us to do a
    bulk upload of content (PDFs) and courses to the DCS for you. We will also set you up on
    the CLA cloud where you will need to upload the PDFs
    • Ensure the PDFs are added in separate folders in the cloud indicating whether
      there are cover notices or similar pages added to the PDFs, so our technical team
      know which scans to strip for cover pages, and how many pages to remove from
      each folder of PDFs
    • Ensure the PDF names in the cloud match the PDF names (incl. .pdf) in the
      completed spreadsheet
    • Unless you ask for the content to be loaded into the live site straight away we will
      upload this firstly to your sandbox site, so you can review that all looks as
  3. We will ask for the required configuration information to set you up with LMS, EHESS and
    Authentication where applicable.
  4. You can now start using the DCS, and we will send you the helpdesk contact information
    for further customer support. If needed, we will setup another training session to make
    sure you are confident in using the system.


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