Second Extract Permissions Service content in the DCS

The CLA HE Licence allows HEIs to copy either 10% or 1 chapter/article of a publication, whichever is greater, for one course/module. If a second extract (another 10%, article or discreet chapter) is needed, HEIs may purchase this through the Second Extract Permissions Service. This guide will take you through the following:


Extent limits

Please first note the following: Using the Second Extracts option under Licence is only for content that has been purchased under the Second Extract Permissions Service and not any content used under the main licence. You will need a separate link to add a Second Extract into the DCS and will not be able to bundle the first and second extract together as one link in the DCS as this would negatively affect the fair remuneration of licence fees to rights holders.

As stated above, any initial extracts used under the main blanket licence should be added as you would normally. In the example below we have already added 2 extracts from the same publication, to the same course in DCS, totalling 10% of the whole publication.

We have had a new request for a third extract for the same course that is over the 10% limit. We have therefore logged into Check Permissions and have purchased a 'Second Extract Permission' via the tool.

Once this order is complete we can add this title to the DCS.


Creating a DCS request for a second extract

Search for the title as always and click 'Next'.

On the request page override the permissions to 'Second Extract'.

The date will automatically set to the next 31st July. If you require the extract until 30th September (please see the Second Extract Permissions Service Agreement for more details), this date can be altered here. Select the required date in the date box, and click 'Save'. 

Then select a course from the course drop-down and click 'Save' to save the request and progress to the next step.

As there are already extracts / an extract under the course from this title you will need to confirm that the title is within extent limits.

If the Second Extract Permission you have purchased takes the total over 20% of the whole (because either this is one discreet chapter over 10%, or else because you have used one discreet chapter over 10% using the Licence) then select 'Confirm One Chapter'.

The example below is another Second Extract Permission which is over 20% of the whole, with 2 discreet chapters having been copied in total (the first chapter covered under the licence and now a second one purchased via the Second Extract Permissions Service).

After you have confirmed extent limits please add the content as normal, either manually or via EHESS.

Once you open the file you will see that a CLA Copyright Notice has been automatically applied to the record.


Changing from Direct Permissions to Second Extract Permissions

For those of you who have previously added your Second Extracts as 'Direct Permissions', you can, if you'd prefer, change these to Second Extract Permissions. However you are under no obligation to do this.

In this example I have added my Second Extract Permission purchase as 'Direct Permissions' as per the previous rule in the DCS.

To change this to Second Extract Permissions I should enter the course page and 'Archive' the content.

*Please note that the link will be inaccessible while this is carried out, though it should take no longer than one minute*

I would then reinstate the title.

This will take me into the request where I can cancel the permissions override. 

I can then change the permissions to 'Second Extract'.

After confirming Extent Limits I can regenerate the link and the link will now have a CLA Copyright Notice.

If you come out and go back into the request you will see that it is no longer private.

The link will still be the same as before as you have only archived and reinstated, and therefore you will not need to replace the link in your VLE / Reading List etc.

If you added your own CLA Copyright Notice you can ask CLA to remove this for you by contacting; please ensure you do this if changing the permissions to 'Second Extract' from 'Direct Permissions' as the extract will be available in the repository. 

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