There are several methods for setting up integration. They are via:

  1. Shibboleth or Open Athens. If you wish to use this method, you will need to provide CLA with your Entity ID during the onboarding process. We also require a test username and password, as without this we cannot test to see if the authentication is working and we cannot troubleshoot if anything should go wrong with the set up.
  2. EZproxy authentication is also possible, please this this article for more information.
  3. Manual authentication is now possible for institutions who do not have a federated authentication system. Please see this article for more information. 
  4. IP Authentication. If you wish to use this method, you can enter your IP ranges yourself by going to ‘My Institution’ on the navigation panel on the left hand side. Please see this article for more information.
  5. A direct SAML integration for Open Athens users not registered with the UK Federation. Please see this article for more information.

How authentication will work for your students

Students should not have to re-authenticate to access each reading, although the details depend on how your institution’s authentication system is set up. Once a student has authenticated, because they have logged in and/or are on campus, as long as they remain in the same browser session, they will be able to access readings in the DCS without having to do anything else.

Are readings in the DCS secured in such a way that stops them simply being uploaded to VLEs instead of students having to click the links?

No – the DCS does not prevent this.

How to tell the authentication integration is working

If the integration between your HEIs authentication system and the DCS is working correctly, when you click on the link to view the content your institution login page should appear. Here you can log in using your username and password. If CLA are given a test username and password, we can test this process for you. If you have set up IP authentication and are accessing the link from within your IP ranges, the DCS will use this integration first and you will not have to log in. Therefore to test the Shibboleth and Open Athens integration yourself, you will need to be outside of your IP ranges or temporarily disable them. 

How to tell the authentication integration is not working

If your Shibboleth, Open Athens or EZproxy integration is not working and you have not set up IP authentication (or are trying to access the link outside of your ranges) you will see the error message 'You are not authorised to access this content. Please contact the library for support'.

If you see this error message, please contact

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