Using a Web Proxy to access DCS content

DCS supports a number of different methods for authenticating whether an end user has permission to access course material.


For students accessing content from “on campus”, this can be done using IP Authentication. The HEI’s IP range is configured in the DCS and for any requests for that HEI’s content that comes from within their IP range, access to the content will be allowed. See this article about setting up an IP authentication for the DCS.


For students accessing content from outside the IP range (off-campus), the DCS is able to authenticate access using an access management service - Shibboleth or OpenAthens - or the paid for web proxy service - EZproxy. We also offer a manual authentication process with student emails. Details for these integrations can be found here.


We are aware that some HEIs are unable to use any of these services for off-campus authentication, and may not wish to use a manual authentication that requires students to have a new login.


A possible alternative would be for the HEI to setup a Web Proxy themselves. This setup would need to ensure that that DCS links would go via the Web Proxy, which would refer them to the DCS from an IP address known to the DCS. The request would then be authenticated by the DCS as if it had come from a user who was on campus. As long as the HEI has first validated the user (using a unique login and password managed by the HEI) CLA are happy for authentication to occur in this way.


There are many ways this solution can be achieved and it would be down to the HEI to implement the solution that best suited them.


Below is an example of how one of our customers is using a Web Proxy to access DCS content and how they are ensuring the user is known to them first.

The set up of this sort of process is quite complex and will require the involvement of your IT team. We at CLA are unable to recommend a particular service to use for this sort of authentication. For any further questions please email

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